M. Guidry

I had treatment here before and had great results. Everyone here treated me like I was part of the crew. I would highly recommend PTS to anyone needing therapy. Thanks to Claire, Courtney, & Alora for being there for me.


Very well satisfied with my results. If I had to come back I would. Very nice people to be around. PTS is the best place to come for therapy. We have fun and laugh. Thanks for all your help!


Thank you PTS for the wonderful care I received after my back surgery. I am grateful for everything you have restored for me!


Claire’s staff worked with me & my work schedule. She follows all COVID-19 safety protocols. Claire quickly made me feel at home. She is very thorough and pays attention to detail. Follow up exercises given after sessions keeps my muscles working without feeling stiff after a 10 hour drive for work. I will recommend Claire to everyone! I walked in her clinic in pain and barely able to bend. At the end of therapy, I’ve regained mobility, am able to walk with longer strides, and able to bend side to side better than I’ve been able to do in months. I thank God for Claire!


The atmosphere was very calming and relaxing. There was no pain. Dr. Claire Hargis made me comfortable while doing the therapy. Courtney was a good person to know as well. All in all everything was great.