T. Trant

“I am very satisfied with PTS. Claire does professional work in caring for and strengthening areas of injury. This is my third visit with her, and I highly recommend her services to anyone.”

S. Serigny

“My pain was relieved quickly. I had shortness of breath and pain and soreness in my legs. I had relief in a short while, and it has steadily increased until I no longer had those problems. Claire and her staff are pleasant and professional.”

S. Georges

“My results are amazing! I am feeling so much better than when I started. I have little pain now compared to feeling like I needed surgery. Thanks, Claire!”

C. Esponge

“My experience here was so great! Miss Claire was very helpful to me. She treated me awesome. My therapy was great! I would definitely refer her to everyone. Very nice staff—friendly and helpful!”

M. Matherne

“I was overwhelmed at the progress of my rapid relief from the discomfort I had been experiencing in my left hand and more so in my right hand. Now, I can use my hands with hardly any discomfort. Yes, I will recommend Dr. Hargis to all and refer her to anyone and everyone. She is so great and sweet!”