D. Griffin

“I’ve gotten results! It’s been months since I’ve had the confidence to resume activities after suffering w/ a recurring SI Joint issue. After only 2 sessions of dry needling at PTS, I’m nearly back to normal. I’ve been able to walk long distances, ride my bike, etc.”

T. Trant

“A torn maniscus then surgery, Claire took over and professionally got my surgically corrected knee back to about 85% efficiency. Then schooled me in how I could do therapy on my own for the other 15%. Claire listens to the patients, answers any questions we may have, and performs all therapy herself. She is totally in control the whole time. I was totally satisfied with PTS and their handling of the whole process.”

P. Pierce

“My treatment at PTS was a success. I walked in with a walker, and left weeks later walking on my own. The treatment was very much a one-on-one experience. Although at times there was pain, the end results were always positive.”


“Adding Cupping Therapy to my treatments has allowed me to recover quicker and surpass my therapy goals.  I am able to do things I never thought were possible this soon after beginning my therapy program. I would recommend everyone add Cupping to their physical therapy program.”

E. Cheramie

“Thank you, Claire for giving me such relief from my back pain. I never realized the therapy would be so effective, so quickly. I really looked forward to my sessions. I’m doing great and accomplishing many things that I could not before.”